You may be asking yourself why our foreheads are so red and painful here at Clear Marketing. Well, it only takes one quick look over into social media land to learn the answer.

See, we witness business make copious amounts of face-palm-worthy mistakes on a daily basis and it has resulted in quite the painful office ritual.


Misplaced hashtags…
5 Social Media Lessons to Prevent Face-Palm-Worthy Mistakes

Generic sales pitch copy…
5 Social Media Lessons to Prevent Face-Palm-Worthy Mistakes

Improper use of a social channel…
5 Social Media Lessons to Prevent Face-Palm-Worthy Mistakes



And so many more…

All this to say that if your brand is on social media (and good lord it better be!), you are playing a very dangerous game if you aren’t sure of what your social media strategies are.

Do not fear, friend! If you’re worried your brand is lost floating in dark and treacherous void of the social media universe, were here to reel you back in. Here are five social media strategy lessons to help keep your social media game in check.




Let’s begin with and pouring one out for our old friend, Zig Ziglar (may you and your wisdom rest in peace).


5 Social Media Lessons to Prevent Face-Palm-Worthy Mistakes


The old days of SELL SELL SELL have ended and the new age of content marketing has stepped into its place. What does this mean for you and your social media strategy?

Well, to put it simply, stop dropping self-promoting, sales-y, product featured spam in your followers’ feeds. Pushing your products down your subscribers’ throats is not only annoying but unprofessional in this day and age.

The point here is to give customers curated content that is relevant to them instead of posts that make your brand feel predatory with BUY NOW only selling points.





5 Social Media Lessons to Prevent Face-Palm-Worthy Mistakes


Social media has become one of the most important vehicles for driving awareness and influencing decisions worldwide. Whether it’s for an individual or a brand, social media marketing helps you gain exposure, and your brand’s success is defined by this exposure.

As a great man once said, “with great power comes great responsibility”, so why do businesses end up delegating the social media to the greener-than-grass hipster intern?  Too often brands treat social media as an afterthought and pass it off as such. This is how face-palm worthy mistakes occur.



“Ghosting” may be helpful at times on the dating scene, but it’s rarely advantageous for your business. Your business needs to be consistent and not leaving your customers wanting with infrequent or boring content. Inconsistency in business social media has consequences, You’re not Tinder… Don’t give your loyal followers a reason to “swipe left” on you.


5 Social Media Lessons to Prevent Face-Palm-Worthy Mistakes


Simply, if you set up your brand’s presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., but you never get around to posting anything, you’ll probably find that your once dedicated following has moved on to places that provide them with consistent valuable content.

A crucial part of managing successful social media accounts for your brand is posting consistently on a regular basis. However, it is common for businesses to face issues with consistency.

If this is starting to sound a little too familiar, don’t fret. This problem is quickly and easily alleviated by using one of many content scheduling services that you tell what and when to post. There are quite a few, including Hootsuite, Buffer, and CoSchedule.



Your lunch may look tasty, but unless you’re in the food business, the Instagram photo of said lunch you posted during your break most likely has nothing to do with your company.


5 Social Media Lessons to Prevent Face-Palm-Worthy Mistakes


Many businesses make the mistake of establishing a social media presence that does not relate to the business or the customers at all. This means their content will many times have no relevance to either their brand or their target audience. This face-palm-worthy strategy is referred to as the “post and pray.”

Before your company tries to build out its social media platform, you have to clearly define your brand’s target audience. By defining your ideal audience you will give your marketing strategy parameters to work within and hone the type of content you are using to engage and guide your customers through their buyer’s journey.



If you were in the business of making yellow paints and there was a Xanthaphobia (fear of the color yellow) awareness convention coming to town, would you spend all morning setting up shop to sell your beautiful sunny paints to a group of people who have condemned all things goldenrod? NO WAY! You have to know that’s not where your fellow lemon lovers will be. So why spend time creating content on social media platforms that aren’t relevant to your audience!?


5 Social Media Lessons to Prevent Face-Palm-Worthy Mistakes


Businesses make the mistake of setting up a social media presence on every platform available because they believe all platforms are equal. But, this is far from the truth. While social media platforms have quite a few similarities, each platform has its differences and its own merits for certain audiences.

Having a multi-channel social media strategy is a smart idea and is a characteristic of many successful campaigns, but remember it comes to quality over quantity and where your target audience can be found.

At the end of it all, brands screw up on social media all the time, but we understand that stuff happens. Mistakes are how we learn, but ultimately it’s up to every business to take ownership, mitigate their errors, and learn from their face-palm-worthy mess-ups. Taking these 5 tips to heart is a good start!