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We handle everything when it comes to paid and promoted digital media campaigns. Our in-house digital marketing team pairs diligent campaign strategies and research with best practice campaign optimization techniques to reach the right consumer on the right channel. No cookie-cutter approach here. We believe that your business is unique and your digital marketing plan should be as well. We will help define the goals of your campaign and then track them routinely.

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Digital Marketing Services

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing –also known as PPC (Pay-Per-Click)- is one of the best ways for your brand to engage with interested travelers. Why? Well for starters, you only pay when some actually clicks on your ad to visit your website, so you know you are paying for results. SEM campaigns also let you select a very targeted list of keywords, so you know your ad is only showing to people who are interested in your product. Sounds like a recipe for success to us!

Website Remarketing

You know when you go to a website and you notice ads following you around? That’s retargeting – also known as Remarketing. It’s likely that your customers aren’t going to buy the first time they visit your site. In fact, they will probably visit multiple other competitor and review sites before making their final purchase decision. Our creative approach to website remarketing will help you get these visitors back to your website and ready to book with you.

Social Media Advertising

It’s not a question of whether or not paid promotion is crucial to achieving your social objectives. The question is whether or not you have the right team to help you navigate the ever-changing landscape of social advertising. With incredibly robust, geographic, demographic, behavioral, interest and custom targeting options, Facebook Ads Manager is one of the most effective tools for savvy digital marketers.

Data and Contextual Display Advertising

Website and mobile app display targeting can be a very effective way to spread your brand’s message to a targeted group of potential customers. Through data or behavioral targeting, we can put your display banners in front of a hand-selected group of people who match the correct demographics, interests and purchase patterns of your ideal customer. We can also reach people who are on travel sites, or other sites with content similar to your business through contextual targeting.

Mobile Geo-fencing

Mobile geo-fencing represents a great opportunity for travel brands to feature their message to in-market visitors. Instead of paying thousands of dollars per month for a billboard, imagine being able to put a tiny billboard on the mobile device of everyone in your travel destination. With custom display advertising parameters and carefully selected geo-filters, that’s exactly what we can do.

Email Marketing

There’s nothing sexy about email marketing… except that it works. For the comparably low cost of utilizing an email platform, brands are able to connect with existing customers, utilizing helpful pieces of content or timely discounts and updates, to engender brand loyalty and drive sales. Collecting email leads is also an excellent source of prospecting new customers and highlighting what your business has to offer.

Video Ads

Video advertising is one of the most immersive ways to tell your brand’s story, and today’s consumers can’t get enough video. In fact, video watching accounts for more than 75% of all online traffic. Whether you’re looking to share your story via YouTube ads or through pre-roll or mid-roll video in your customers’ favorite mobile app, we can help you put your video in the right place at the right time.