Are you ready to step into the ring? Because there is very little if any organic benefit happening for your businesses’ Facebook. Look, no one likes being blind-sided with information like this, but the hard truth is Facebook pushes out less than 4% of all that quality content you’ve been creating for your viewers.

What does all this mean? If most of your target audience is using Facebook, getting content in front of them to see will come at a cost through either boosted posts or targeted ads. If you feel like you’re being rope-a-doped by all this, don’t fret, we can help you distill the differences between boosted posts and targeted ads and get your Facebook marketing ready for the main event! ?


Boosted posts are a type of Facebook Ad and can be a relatively simple way to increase reach. They allow you to set a budget and boost whatever content you would like out of your organic posts.

The benefit of this process is the ability to monitor what is trending organically and boost what is performing. Another benefit to boosting posts is you have several options to target and refine your audience. Once a post is boosted, it receives a “Sponsored” tag and appears on your targeted audience’s feed.

Thumbs Up

Good news! That “sponsored” status moves it higher in the News Feed of your audience. The higher your post, the more likely they are to see it!

But here’s the bad news; the post no longer retains its “organic” look to the astute user moving rapidly through the feed. Some users are well-versed in the art of scrolling right past sponsored posts.

With enough testing, you will gain a good understanding of what sort of posts do well organically, then you can use that knowledge to strategically boost posts early on. We’re especially fond of using a chatbot to dramatically boost the organic comments on a post since Facebook’s algorithm rewards already well-performing posts with extra exposure.


Facebook has designed its Business Manager section to help brands design campaigns around specific goals. For example, some companies spend money to promote upcoming events, direct more users to their website, or even increase likes and post engagement.



One of Facebook Business Manager’s main benefits is that it provides deeper tools for advanced targeting. Options include targeting specific users around their hobbies, buying patterns, and other interests as well as focussing on wider and more basic demographics. These advertisements can show as streaming video or brand promotions in the News Feed.


At the end of it all, is it really worth spending money to run ads on Facebook? Honestly, there is no one answer to that question. As a brand only you can answer this by being clear on your goals and understanding the people you sell to.

At Clear Marketing, we are strong believers in having an organized, accountable, and repeatable strategy. This holds true for all of our marketing, and when clients want to begin Facebook ad campaigns, we ask them to get clear about their cost-per-conversion as well as evaluate how customers move through their purchase journey.

Not every company can get that granular, but all companies can consider the cost to get their audience to RESPOND TO THE CALL TO ACTION. Therefore you need to know what the chosen behavior means. For example, boosting a post just to generate likes. Likes are great and all, but how sure are you that those likes will generate sales? Instead, use that budget to get someone to visit the landing page on your website, then you can specifically track that visit and even require an email for the next step!

Ultimately you need to know what this strategy is worth to the company. Whether a purchase is made on the first visit or the customer inputs an email for further follow-up, It’s crucial to constantly be determining the value of these efforts.

What we enjoy most about spending money on Facebook is that it’s a cost-effective way to experiment. You could even use Facebook boosted posts or ads as micro-research projects. Try one thing, evaluate results, tweak the results, repeat! This is much more worth the investment than just throwing away money on Facebook.

So whether you’re ready to step into the ring and spend big bucks on Facebook or try your hand in the training gym with a few cost-effective experiments, understanding your many Facebook spending options can help you reach your goal and deliver the knockout punch you need for digital advertising success!