Brand Artist

Esther Huffman


Serving up a healthy dose of sass, Esther definitely prefers her puns intended. As an Arkansas Native, she truly believes, the bigger the hair, the closer to Jesus! Esther brings a creative energy to the office that gets people going and always keeps us guessing what she will say next. With a heart of gold and mind overflowing with ideas, you can count on her guidance pertaining to all things layout and branding related. If your wondering if this millennial has a tragic inability to even, well you're in luck because she #caneven. She has also been recommended by 4 out of 5 people that recommend things - just so you're aware.

Fun Facts

Esther is the ultimate deer slayer with her decked out bow. She hates the color purple and is completely against pink/purple camo, because let's face it - she isn't hunting flamingos. #notaboutthatlife  She shares your passion for hunting with her ruggedly beardsome husband, Aaron (aka - A-A-Ron).  They have a super cute wolf pack made up of two tiny morkies and two large unit Aussies - probably worth a Facebook follow. A recovering ice cream addict, but has doing better lately, and prefers her friends witty. Pretty much, she's a #creativehotmess, yet polished - if you know what I mean.