Coco & Basil


Coco is a black lab— America’s favorite breed. Before finding her home in Branson, she lived in Newfoundland. She is the daughter of Chapman and Leslie. In her free time, she enjoys going on walks with her purple leash, eating dog treats, and keeping the office workers company. She has a natural instinct to help out. She’s an old soul and listens strictly to Boyz-2-Men. She’s the first one in the office every morning and last one to leave.

Basil is an Aussie Doodle— an Australian Shepherd and Poodle mix. She is the proud daughter of Sage and Oregano. She’s the pup of the office. Before finding a home in Branson she was studying abroad in London. In her free time, she enjoys barking loudly to scare office workers, sliding across the hardwood floor into the couch, and annoying Coco. She always brings the workplace energy and tends to look at the glass as half full. Her favorite show is Fixer Upper and you will never see her without a bandana around her neck.

Fun Facts