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Social Media at it's Finest

f965f1_7c8333c457ee4866a85affb7137613a8mv2_d_3024_4032_s_4_2.jpg#asset:1571:smallManaging social media content is a piece of cake. Come up with a creative phrase or quote, throw in a picture, and post it. Easy as 1-2-3 right? Not exactly. 

Creating content is not as simple as it may seem, especially when thinking for a brand. But, strategic planning and scheduling in advance is a great way to get the ball rolling. 

Start With The Story

Researching and learning the voice is the first step to great content. Many organizations have certain values and a mission statement that help guide the direction of creative content. Every brand has a story and it’s important to communicate that story with creative, clear, and concise content keeping context in mind, posting at the right time, and responding quickly to customers questions and comments. 

After you learn the voice of the brand, you have to know what you’re going to talk about. Seems easy enough, right? This is where your creative thoughts and ideas come into play. I’ve learned that one of the best ways to layout all your thoughts and ideas is through a calendar. This is helpful when you manage multiple social media accounts, but it also makes it easier to organize your thoughts and make sure your content addresses any holidays or events that may be relevant to the brand. 

Answer A Few Questions

What now? You can’t just think of a clever post and post it any day of the week. The post has to have a specific goal. Who are you trying to reach? Why are you trying to reach them? What are you trying to accomplish? If you’re creating brand awareness it’s important to focus on the consumer. What does the consumer get out of it? Content needs to appeal to and interest your audience. 

When you know your goal for the brand, knowing your audience is key to getting and keeping your customers’ interest. What do they need, what motivates them, and most importantly what’s going to help them and keep them engaged?

First, content. Words, phrases, pictures, videos, hashtags… the list goes on and on when it comes to the landscape of engaging social media content. In a fast moving field like marketing, keeping people engaged is more than a witty phrase, funny picture, or interesting video. The content has to keep the attention of the consumer, make them want to learn more, and help them make a purchasing decision. But how? Think of how the post can raise a question or create a picture in the customers mind of how it will benefit them. 

Consider Your Customers

Next step: should you focus on quality or quantity when posting? It’s not all about how many likes, shares, and followers you have. The most important aspect of social media for brands is the quality of the content. Is the photo visually demanding? Does it keep people engaged? Is the video high quality? Your fans expect to see high-quality content from your brand and will let you know when you don’t meet their expectations.

Timing is also important when it comes to keeping your audience engaged. This is where research is handy. Find out when people are most active on social media, when people are most likely to go on vacation, or what time of day is just right to post a certain picture or promotion. Timing is very important to keeping people engaged. If you post content when most people are at work, you’re not going see much interaction. 

Last but more certainly not least, marketers working in social media need to stay focused on consumers by responding to comments, questions, reviews, and any other form of customer interaction available. Responding quickly to consumers lets them know you care, and you’re happy to help. This is key to establishing a good reputation for your brand. Stay in touch, respond quickly, and give the consumer something positive about your brand to talk about.

So managing a social media network for a brand isn’t as easy as you thought, huh? But the hard work to become successful is worth it in the end.