Clear Marketing

Clear Marketing is a Full-Service Brand Engagement Agency in Branson, Missouri

From the Desk of an Intern

f965f1_7c8333c457ee4866a85affb7137613a8mv2_d_3024_4032_s_4_2.jpg#asset:1571:smallA ride aboard a Branson Duck, modeling in a photo shoot, and eating more ice cream than is probably good for me. Believe it or not, I did all that and more during my first week interning with Clear Marketing. And when they told me there was free coffee and snacks in the back…I knew this was going to be a good summer. 

As an intern with the social media team, I’ll have the opportunity to manage social media accounts for different clients by creating fun and innovative content. I’ll also be engaging with fans and responding swiftly to comments and reviews as part of our commitment to success in social media for our clients.

My role with Clear also gives me the opportunity to develop and execute creative campaigns, participate in brainstorming sessions, and be a part of team and client events like photo and video shoots, Facebook Live videos, and brand experience days. It’s been a fast-paced but exciting experience so far, and I know I’ll be gaining a lot of useful knowledge.

Already, I’ve learned about the importance of using social media for clients in a fun, creative, and engaging manner, as well as how responding to posts or comments brings value to user’s interactions. The team has brought me in on brainstorming innovative ideas for our clients, and I’ve been able to think of creative social strategies for their success. I can’t wait to see them start delivering results.

I’m looking forward to exploring new social media platforms, gaining more knowledge about innovative social media strategies, and learning how to better engage customers and promote our brands in a transparent and captivating way. There are so many opportunities to become a better writer and take my creativity to a new level, that I’m sure I’ll leave feeling better prepared for life after school. 

The hardworking, determined team of Clear Marketing and the core values that they hold within the company like, stay passionate, have integrity, listen and communicate, and pursue excellence are an inspiration. Above all, I respect the team for living out the values and mission of Clear Marketing in their day-to-day work. 

The first week at Clear Marketing has been an enjoyable and memorable whirlwind. It’s a fun, engaging, wholesome, and warm environment that creates an exciting place you don’t want to leave. I have learned way more than just how to write and execute social media content. I’ve learned how to be a part of a team of professional and friendly people who work hard, stay focused, and know how to have a little fun too.