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4 Things Your Social Media Team Should Be Doing for You... (as explained by memes)

1: Developing a Content Strategy


The life of a Social Media Content Manager is easy, right? Just post a few business photos, create some clever captions, sprinkle in a few cat pics and you’re done! While that may make for an entertaining profile, if you want results on social media instead of doing it because “everyone else is”, then a well conceived content strategy is paramount. A good rule-of-thumb for social content is the 80-20 rule. 80% of your content should be strictly conversational, helpful, and engaging, while 20% of content should be reserved for plugging your business or driving fans to a specific call-to-action.

2: Regularly Responding to Private and Published Messages

When it comes to interacting with our customers, far too often we take the “social” out of social media. It’s one thing to spend time crafting those perfectly engaging posts, but when it comes to actually having conversations with our customers, we think…


The truth is, nothing could be more detrimental to a social strategy. The whole point of social media is to ENGAGE your audience in meaningful conversations surrounding your brand. Then, you can be ready when they want more information about your business or product. If someone called or emailed your customer service team asking to book a reservation at your property, you wouldn’t dream of letting that message go unanswered. Why, then, would you let the same question go unanswered in your Facebook inbox?

3: Running Paid Ads

Don’t kid yourself into thinking that Facebook is all about this…


In reality, they are all about this…


Wondering why you haven’t been seeing as much reach or engagement on organic posts lately? It’s because Facebook ingeniously let you build up a large audience a few years ago, and now wants to charge you to serve your content to that same audience. According to EdgeRank, in 2012, brands saw an organic reach of 16.5% on average, but now, according to SocialBakers, organic reach can be as low as 2% for those same brands. Sure, we can all take a moment to hate Facebook for that, but the fact still remains that paid social ads work for driving brand awareness, customer engagement, and website traffic, and they can be much cheaper than traditional forms of advertising. Social media channels like Facebook have built their own industry leading ad platforms that allow for some outrageously specific demographic, geographic, behavioral, and interest based targeting, which makes social promotions so much more robust than simply hitting the “boost button” to reach a larger audience. Social ads have absolutely become a MUST for any healthy social media strategy.

4: Reporting on Everything


We’ve already discussed the importance of posting strategic content, but how do you know what content is considered “strategic”? Simple. It’s what’s working… and the only way to know what is working is to test everything. With free insight tools available on social giants like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and now, to a degree, Instagram, there is no excuse not to test content and social ad performance. Reporting not only keeps a social team accountable to important goals and performance standards, but it also allows your business to optimize content and maximize future efforts.

If your social media team is currently not implementing any of these quintessential social strategies, you only have one thing left to say to them…