If I were to throw out the word “outsource”, what comes to mind? For many companies, a cloud of negative connotations looms over the idea. Will anyone care about my brand as much as I do? Isn’t it really expensive to hire a creative agency? Am I farming out some of the most crucial aspects of my business to a random team in India? All are valid concerns (especially if you are talking with a random team in India), which is why we wanted to take a moment to share our thoughts on just how beneficial it can be to outsource portions of your marketing. Hopefully when you’re done reading, we will have helped you put to rest some of your fears and myths surrounding “outsourcing”.

1. The Price Is Right

We have the privilege of working with some really amazing travel brands, and far too often we find that the General Managers or Marketing Directors of these companies wear way too many hats. The job requires that they focus on countless areas of their business, but reality sets in when their own time, and that of their limited staff, is stretched far too thin to accomplish all of their goals effectively. When the eventuality of a limited payroll budget sinks in, hiring several more staff positions quickly becomes a pipe dream, and these understaffed marketing teams are left wondering how to do more with less. Outsourcing can be great on your marketing budget, because for a fraction of the cost of hiring full-time employees to accomplish all these tasks, you are able to bring on an entire agency with a built-in team of experts to accomplish the same thing. We love presenting the math to clients and watching them celebrate over how much they are saving.

2. Industry Expertise

Not only can it be expensive to add an employee to your in-house marketing team, but it is also challenging to assess exactly how proficient or knowledgeable that person will be. It is simply impossible for any one person to be an expert in all of the niche specialties that a healthy marketing strategy requires. Over time, you will come to realize that your new hire has one or two “areas of expertise”, but lacks the knowledge and skill set to excel in others. This puts you back in the position of needing to hire someone to fill those gaps.

When you outsource to a full-service creative agency, you immediately gain access to a proven team of branding, photography, social media, digital marketing, graphic design, and other industry experts, as well as connections to researchers, media buyers, and filmmakers, who apply their professional skills to your business! Why not skip the hiring hassle and get straight to the marketing results?

3. A Fresh Perspective

It’s true… when you look at the same images, messages, and marketing material over and over, eventually they begin to have less of an effect on you. Psychologists call this phenomenon “inattentional blindness”. There is great value in having someone evaluate your brand through the lens of their unique perspective and experiences, as this will undoubtedly bring fresh ideas to the marketing table. Creative agencies, like Clear Marketing, are constantly researching out-of-the-box marketing solutions and evaluating their success. We are able to recommend the latest technology and strategies that will drive more success for your brand while always keeping your brand’s best interest in mind.

4. Save Time

Sorting through resumes, interviewing, training, then hoping your new employee will perform at the level you need them to is frustrating and time consuming. When you outsource, not only do you skip the HR time investment, but you maximize your company’s productivity by allowing your employees to focus on their professional area of expertise and letting us focus on ours. Your time is your most valuable asset, and instead of spending it wading through tasks that may not be your strength, why not allow a team of marketing and branding experts to help you strategize the most efficient and effective ways to engage your consumer?

See… outsourcing doesn’t have to be scary after all. Our agency is passionate about seeing our clients succeed, and we get energized when we are able to work closely with brands to deliver results.